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Painting Series 繪畫系列 

An Era of Half-Humanity 半個人的時代 2015-2017

Haunted by shadows of a car accident from childhood, Yiu Chi Leung lives with the risk of danger and threats posed by the society. Having also witnessed the environmental damages caused by local industrialization, he re-examines the costs and benefits of scientific and technological advancement on civilization. Through ground research, he created this series ‘An Era of Half-Humanity’ which reflects his concerns on industrial globalization and his hope on the future of our society. The paintings illustrate a blend of temporal and realistic scene. The space and strokes in the paintings create an immersive visual experience to the audience with a sense of insecurity.


Industrial revolution has led us to unconsciously live in a world of diminishing faith and empathy. These invariably lead us to live without souls and purposes, creating an Era of Half-Humanity.


The concept of capitalism also leads to the emergence of consumerism, materialism and developmentalism. These issues form controversies over our living purposes. Our reliance on rational science diverts us away from ethical conducts, threatening the existence of faithful religion and the value of humanity. Leung challenges the direction that rapid advancement in science and technology would lead us.


While civilization offers us prosperity, peace and well-being, it also comes with disasters, wars and poverty, adversely coercing human existence and mankind development. Philosopher Nietzsche’s “Death of God” and Heidegger’s “Save the Earth”already signaled alerts to us. Therefore, Leung questions our accountability towards such threats with respect to our society, our nature and ourselves. We shall desire enlightenment via the glimpse of wisdom.


作者因為一段童年時車禍的陰影, 生活一直帶著那份對社會陌生, 危險和恐懼感。加上親身目睹本地工業對環境造成的破壞,觸發對科技文明的反思。 透過實地考察和創作,表達關注對全球工業化危機和釋放對未來社會的盼望。作品寓示了一種時間性和現實的境象,還以空間和線條營造一個使觀眾身歷其境的視覺體驗和不安感。


人類創造了現代文明,過著人在靈魂卻不在的生活方式 ﹣<半個人的時代>;然而,種種對於我們存在所帶來的精神缺失、冷漠和空虛感,這一切都源於工業革命的後遺症。



科技文明帶來繁榮、和平和幸福,同時也帶來了更大的災難、戰爭和貧困,正脅迫著人類的生存和發展。 哲學家尼采預言「上帝的死亡」及海德格宣言「拯救地球」已為我們作出了預警。因此,面對這些自身、社會與自然危機,是否可以置身事外? 我們更渴望智慧之光給予啟迪。

Video  Documentary

Photography Documentary

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