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Photography 攝影

黑暗光合photosynthesis in the darkness



「太空種植」系列則主要以探討生命、宇宙為題,表達人和技術與自然之間的關係;敘事和權力與自身成長的影響。作品概念是借用了第一朵在太空盛開的百日菊(2016NASA 太空種植實驗),加入自己的想像,隱喻對於本土社會和未來世界的憧憬。

Life reveals its “beauty” in the dark.

Plants require natural photosynthesis for their existence. In the 21st century, new methods of artificial photosynthesis can be carried out in a dark environment. Such use of renewable energy to imitate natural processes contributes to the future development in agriculture and in the improvement of the environment; it may bring about new hopes for human migration to other planets and even the birth of new beliefs.

The "Space Farming" series focuses on the relationship between life and the universe, as a result, it reflects the relationship between human technology and nature; and the influence of master narrative, power and self-growth. The concept of the work is to borrow from the first Zinnia (2016 NASA space planting experiment) in full bloom in space, adding his own imagination, a metaphor for the local society and the future world.

Edition 1

Edition 2

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